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The art of looking over the edge of things – this is where intuitive, thoughtful design begins – simple yet powerful concepts that create a world . . .

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Creating Your Edge

Creating Your Edge

When creating the best design to convey a message – whether through a website, mobile app, software, presentation, logo, brand identity, or all of the above – I start by taking the core ideas and distilling them down into their simplest form. Now we’re ready to build a story that your audience will immerse themselves in.

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Project Showcase: Responsive Design

When Bio-Rad’s iSupply Software needed an update, it included an interface redesign and a new responsive environment. Previously, iSupply was hard to navigate and only available on the Supply Center kiosks. With the new redesign, customers got an intuitive interface, gained access to additional products thru bio-rad.com, along with the ability to login to their Supply Center from any device at anytime.

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Project Showcase: Responsive Design

Life By Design

In design as well as life, I look for what’s meaningful, focus on the details, learn from the mistakes and create beauty where ever I can. For me, it’s the small things in life that matter . . . there’s nothing bigger, is there?    More »

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